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Which Conservatory Flooring? Wood, Laminate, Stone, Slate, Lino, Vinyl
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Imprezzo Flooring for the Conservatory

  • Imprezzo is Warm and Soft unlike Stone Conservatory Flooring which means it’s more comfortable to walk on
  • Imprezzo is Water Resistant unlike Laminate Conservatory Flooring which prevents it from deforming
  • Imprezzo is Impact Resistant unlike Stone Conservatory Flooring, which means there’s less chance of breakages
  • Imprezzo is Easy to Clean unlike Wood Conservatory Flooring making for more hygienic flooring
  • Imprezzo is Naturally Beautiful but much cheaper than Wood or Stone Conservatory Flooring, leading to great cost savings
  • Imprezzo is More Luxurious and Better Quality than Lino Conservatory Flooring
  • Imprezzo is Quick To Install unlike Wood Conservatory floorings, saving you both time and money
  • Imprezzo is Quick To Replace Individual Panels in the unlikely event that damage occurs, unlike Laminate Conservatory Flooring
  • Imprezzo has a 25 Year Residential Guarantee and a 10 Year Commercial Guarantee

The conservatory is a natural location for laying laminate, wood or stone flooring as they are more suitable than carpet, being easier to dry and clean, as well as being the ideal transition from inside to out. However there is another fabulous choice for your conservatory in the form of ‘wooden plank’ or ‘stone tile’ style vinyl flooring. This revolutionary vinyl flooring system uses a similar wood or stone effect for the upper part of the flooring, but adds it to a cushioned vinyl base that allows it to be laid in any conservatory with a reasonably flat floor.


What are the advantages of choosing our conservatory flooring instead of laminate flooring?

There are a number of wonderful advantages to choosing vinyl flooring for your conservatory instead of wood, laminate or stone flooring.


Durable Conservatory Flooring

Firstly, vinyl flooring is more durable than laminate flooring, and Imprezzo vinyl conservatory flooring comes with an impressive 25 year guarantee for domestic use. This is great news for conservatory flooring as the conservatory is often subject to intensive use in most homes as family and friends come through it from the garden. Furthermore vinyl flooring doesn’t chip like laminate flooring can do which again makes it perfect for conservatories, as they are often used for family gatherings where things do get dropped.


Warmer Conservatory Flooring

Secondly, using vinyl flooring in the conservatory is warmer than stone or laminate flooring, perfect for under bare feet. Also, because it is softer, more like lino flooring of old, vinyl flooring will often save your crockery or glasses from smashing if you drop them – stone or wood flooring is not so forgiving. So, if you use your conservatory for dining or entertaining, vinyl flooring would be ideal.


Water Resistant Conservatory Flooring

Thirdly, vinyl conservatory flooring is very easy to clean, all you need is warm water and mild detergent, and being water resistant it won’t deform even if you spill things on it, which can not be said for laminate flooring. This alone makes vinyl flooring an ideal choice for your conservatory, and indeed in many ways means that vinyl floors qualify as the best flooring choice for conservatories.

How easy is installing our conservatory flooring?

Imprezzo vinyl floors are easier to install in the conservatory than wood flooring, laminate flooring or stone flooring. With our simple fitting guide, and because it is possible to lay vinyl flooring on any reasonably flat conservatory floor, minimum preparation is required and your floor can be laid very quickly and easily. This also makes it one of the cheapest conservatory flooring solutions.

How easy is it to repair our conservatory flooring?

Repairing Imprezzo vinyl conservatory flooring is really straightforward and easy. Unlike laminate floors, or even stone tiles, where trying to remove a damaged plank or tile can damage the surrounding planks, with vinyl flooring in the unlikely event of damage occurring you can simply cut out the affected plank and then insert a new one – quickly, easily and without damaging other parts of the floor.

What do I need to look for in conservatory flooring?

Your conservatory flooring must meet some very specific requirements. For instance, it must be easy to clean and hygienic, cope well with water and food spillages, and handle lots of traffic due it being a thoroughfare from the garden to the house. Laminate meets a number of these requirements but still falls short of the excellent performance of vinyl flooring. The conservatory is therefore the ideal location for installing a vinyl flooring surface.

What is our conservatory flooring made of?

Vinyl floors are made from a special type of plastic known as poly vinyl chloride (PVC) that is tough, durable and ideal for use in wet areas such as the conservatory. Bought in multi width sheets, tiles or planks, vinyl conservatory flooring can be laid really easily, and can be cut simply using a standard craft knife.

Why is our flooring so good for the conservtory?

As mentioned previously, vinyl flooring is ideal for installing in conservatories because it is a highly water resistant material, and the way it is laid enables you to mop the floor clean, so used as a conservatory tile it is a perfect flooring solution. Also in the conservatory, mishaps do happen from time to time and things are dropped onto the floor, which is not ideal with potentially bare feet around. With vinyl flooring you have the inherent benefit that, with its softer finish, objects are more likely to bounce than with other hard surfaces such as laminate, stone or wood. Another plus is that frequent exposure to moisture is not going to damage the integrity of the flooring itself, giving your vinyl flooring a longer lifespan. If you choose vinyl flooring in your conservatory it will not only stay undamaged, but will always be stunning to look at.

How easy is it to maintain our conservatory flooring?

The maintenance benefits for luxury vinyl conservatory tiles are very straightforward. You can brush, vacuum and mop them to keep them clean. Unlike a solid wooden floor, which would need sanding and sealing every so often, all you would need to do with a vinyl tile floor is clean with a polish every 6 to 8 months, which is easily applied. Also luxury vinyl tiles do not stockpile dirt or bacteria like carpet and laminate do so are a great option for the conservatory.

Why All About DIY Flooring

You are guaranteed a fantastic experience when buying your floooring from All About DIY Flooring, home to some of the internet’s most beautiful vinyl flooring solutions for your conservatory. Our DIY conservatory flooring comes with a range of guarantees; a Price Match Guarantee in the highly unlikely event of finding the same conservatory flooring cheaper elsewhere – a Service Guarantee to ensure you receive exactly the conservatory flooring you need when you need it – a 25 Year Residential Guarantee – and a 10 Year Commercial Guarantee. For full details of our guarantees visit Our Guarantees.

Conservatories, Sunrooms & Orangeries

A conservatory is a room that has a glass roof and glass walls, typically attached to a house on only one side, this room is used for an extra living room for relaxing and taking in the view of the outside while being in the comfort of being inside. The conservatory is a multipurpose room can be used for a manor of things such as playrooms for children, place to place gym equipment and to work out. Conservatories originated in the 16th century when wealthy landowners sought to cultivate citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges, they placed the fruit trees in this room to accelerate growth of the fruits. Many still use conservatories in this way to this day. In the UK the legal definition of a conservatory is a building that has at least 50% of its side wall area glazed and at least 75% of its roof glazed with translucent materials, either polycarbonate sheeting or glass. Today, the terms sunroom, solarium and conservatory are used interchangeably by the public, but in general the term conservatory and particularly English conservatory evoke the image of an ornate structure, echoing the traditions of that Victorian era of conservatory building. Stylish, warm, comfortable, easy to clean, easy to install are some of the reasons behind why this revolutionary new vinyl flooring is the ideal alternative to lino, deforming laminate and hot/cold stone.

The Imprezzo Story

Vinyl conjures up ideas of 1970s conservatory lino flooring, but apart from the name, this luxury vinyl is totally different. Read the full story at the Imprezzo Story.

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Benefits of Imprezzo Flooring

  • 10 Stunning Wood and Stone finishes
  • Soft & Warm, yet Hardwearing
  • Water Resistant & Easy To Clean
  • Easy & Quick to Install with Minimal Preparation
  • Quick to Replace Damaged Panels
  • 25 year Domestic Guarantee

Four reasons to choose Imprezzo...

Save Money on Flooring, Flooring Installation with our Price Match Guarantee

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